Beating off the second season syndrome (Part 3 of 3) Saturday, Oct 25 2008 

Second season in the EPL. I wonder what great events will happen. I decided to change my defensive, counter-attacking formation to a more attacking formation. It was kinda from VM’s 4-1-2-2-1 formation but I decided to move one up front to ensure that there is someone to help out and control each of their own area. Teams Instruction. I decided to use a playmaker which totally help. The results were brilliant during the pre-season. One of the matches was against Wycombe and the Saints totally hammered them 8-1! So, I love this formation 😀 !

I gotten around 30 million to spend as I believe that Saints can get in the top half of the table. I also hope to get the Euro Vase! Transfers were done in stages. I checked the quality of Southampton. They lacked defensive qualities and they don’t have a good AMR or AMC. In fact there isn’t a single AMR. MR players couldn’t adapt to the position, I needed to buy one. Other than that there is the AMC. I found some hot prospects for this such as Martin Galvan but wasn’t of present quality. There was one totally hot prospect from Shalke in the name of L.Kenia. Wonderkid quality. Totally young, 19 I think and had brilliant qualities. Still, he haven’t reached his peak. I wanted him but his price could have totally make a big hole in the transfer chest. Around 18.5 mill. Even if I tried to negotiate, they disagreed. Soon, Leverkusen bought him.

First off, selling players. Wijnaldum was totally unhappy when I rejected Bolton’s enquiry. So, I decided to sell him since a very poor player is equilvalent to a stupid player. So, Reading came knocking and they got theirs. He was my only AMR but another person’s loss is another person’s gain.

Maceo Rigters

Gotten him from Ipswich. He got that good attributes. He could also finish well. He was my number one choice for AMR. In the pre-season, he gotten the man-of-the-match award for almost all of the matches. GS was pleased by this transfer and the fans also love him.

Simon Kjaer

Got him from Murcia.  Many FM gamers and guides found him a hot prospect. He was attracting attention from A.Madrid and I decided to come in first as his release clause was only $7 Mill! So, I got him first. He build up a good partnership with H. Nordtveit during the pre-season matches. Amazing, he scored from corners better than Nordtveit even though Nordtveit’s heading stats were far better than him. So, I believe I manage to found the player that can help to lessen the leaks.

Steed Malbranque

Found him transfer-listed ($1.9 mill). I needed him since Martin Galvan wasn’t premiership quality yet. At 30 years old, he still holds great stats. He have a healthy dose of 16s. Even though he don’t has the speed, he has the creativity and technique. Started off brilliantly in the pre-seasons.


Overall, the transfers was quite good. If you realize there was one player which might be costly. Brian Smith, a right back which has great potential to be a world-class full back. 25 million maybe costly but anything will do for a quality player. Now, staff thinks he’s equivalent to A.Davies. So, he’s still good enough to play Premiership. So, with the players I’ve bought, I think we’re good to get that top-table place.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

No, I’m not buying an old player. I just bought a great staff. He help me in the set pieces training. From 3 stars to 6 stars. Thats double. Great personnel.

The media thinks a place higher than last year’s prediction. Totally bogus. The stadium is going renovation. I hope they can expand it bigger since the club’s sponsor has change and the amount of money left drop drasticly for a moment. Also, Jack Cork has become the man of the club at only a tender age of 21! To be honest, I wonder why Matt Le Tissier wasn’t in the Favourite Personnel list.


End of the Season (Part 1 of 3) Saturday, Oct 25 2008 

First of all, I’ll now use photobucket to host my pictures when the post needs a lot of pics. Obviously, this needs a lot of them.

The season ended at a high note. Getting 14th in position helped me a lot. I was utterly shocked when I saw Boro relegated. Their players were of better quality than mine. Afonso Alves was the EPL’s top scorer. Sadly enough, that didn’t help Boro. On the other note, kudos to the Saints players in getting 14th position, in which they cofounded the media. The media thought the Saints getting bottom place! ARGH! Anyway, the awards were given out to players for their outstanding performance. The young player of the month award has been given to the Saints players, Serin Diop and Wijnaldum-to name a few, for almost all the months except some. So, the Player’s Young Player of the Year was totally surprising! Wijnaldum and Jack Cork beating other youngstars to get the second and third place respectively. Congratulations to them. Without their creativity and utter brilliance, Saints could have struggled. Still, there was one other guy who I may say, single-handedly gave goals to Saints. In the name of Ezequiel Lavezzi, we gotten the needed firepower. He’s different from Serin Diop, who is more of a target man. Thanks to his efforts, he has gotten the Best Signing of the Season. Amazing since he move only in mid-season. Overall, brilliant play by the players of Southampton up front but sadly enough, I would say only congrats to my main defender, Havard Nordtveit. Without him, who knows many more goals could have leaked in.

Fast-forward to safety —> Sunday, Oct 19 2008 

I just finish the 09/10 season, finishing 13th in position. Middlesborough, Derby and Fulham got relegated. So, now I’ll be eyeing Stewart Downing :D! Anyway, we scored fairly well and conceded alot of goals, about 70 I think, just less than Fulham. So, we did what the media think we shouldn’t. They thought we were getting last place but man, thats too cold for Saints. So, I’m just waiting for my transfer chest to come in to get some better players, Martin Galvan and Stewart Downing to name a few.

While waiting for my treasure chest to arrive, I am managing Ivory Coast through the 2010 World Cup. I used VMs latest tactic. It’s been long since I used that since I tried experimenting my own with the Saints. So, the first match was against Holland which was favourites to win it. IC has brilliant players but the Goalkeeper is at a Ligue 2 standard but still quite useful since the defense is solid! Anyway, I fielded players like Kalou, Eboue, Toure and obviously, Didier Drogba a.k.a Deadly Drog. We were playing quite good in the first half. Persie scored first in the first quater. Then the turn-around happen, Kuyt got red-carded for elbowing Toure. From then, IV dominated the game. Drogba scored 3 including one very delicious shot from 25 yards out and there was another goal from another IV player. So, it ended 4-1 in favour IV! First win of my International campaign. Anyway I gonna just update on my international campaign and leave my transfers until the start of the EPL season.

Sorry about the no pics. Didn’t have time to do so X:

P.S For FM 2009, I’ve been thinking to go to France. Try something new. Metz is on my mind right now but lets just have a poll. The result will be a secret. Hehe.

Going afloat in the Premiership Monday, Oct 13 2008 

Things are going great in the premiership. Ever since I changed my formation from VM’s 4-1-2-2-1 to a 4-1-3-2 similar to a 4-4-2 formation. Seems like Saints love playing through both flanks. It did wonders with the goals but quite okay to my defense since Saints is the leakiest team in the Premiership.

Still, I managed to draw and win games. The great form started in January. As you all know, January is the Winter transfers and yes, I did buy a player. Actually I wanted to buy a defender but a striker was good enough. Martin Galvan was on my mind but I didn’t have the money to buy him, he only cost $1.2m. Hehe. Now my transfer funds is zero, zilch, kosong, nil. Anyway the player which I bought is….


The guy which Chelsea wanted to buy in reality. Well, he is doing wonders for me. Snapped him up from Napoli for $4.5 million as he requested to be transfered out. Wow, he want to go to Saints in FM but he don’t want to go to Chelsea in reality. So, he got good stats. I find his speed really helpful. He’s like the 2007/2008 Fraizer Campbell.

He’s in brilliant form recently. Scoring almost every single game!

Also, Serin Diop did well partnering him, when Bouazza was on African Cup duty. Weird though, Serin Diop is rated as a Coca-cola league 1 player by the staff. Seem to prove everyone wrong! Serin Diop and Lavezzi both grabbed the young player of the month and the player of the month respectively on January.

One of the best matches so far was Chelsea versus Saints. We lost to them twice, 5-1 and 4-2. I thought we were going to make a 3-3, going with the pattern, but it didn’t happen. We actually trashed them 5-2!

Chelsea fielded a reserve-side of players. They seem to be underestimating Saints. Anyway the match started well, with Bouazza equalising for us. It’s been 10 hours of competitive football since he scored! Then, during half time, I decided to change a little bit. Using a target-man, passing the ball on foot, I gotten better chances. Lavezzi’s goal made me jump. The stupid thing is A.Davies keeps making penalties and he did one in this game. Goal to Chelsea. Unbelievable comback by Saints. We managed to score 3 more past Petr Cech. Lavezzi got the man-of-the-match and a 10-rating. Just brilliant work by the Saints.

Aside from the glory, I got another job as Ivory Coast manager. So I gonna test my skills in the International Stage. Really excited managing a team with the likes of Didier Drogba, Eboue and Kalou. Sad to say, they don’t even have a suitable goalkeeper among their star-studded players. The team got only 1 and he’s getting older. The others are young but don’t seem to have the potential. Hope we get something good in this.

Also, I was testing out my power by going around with the coaches and ask to help to manage Ivory Coast with me. Then there was a slight glitch. Arsene Wenger just turned 4-years-old! Congratulations!

Going into the Premiership! Saturday, Sep 27 2008 

I got through promotion! A solid comeback from 0-1 to 2-1. Birmingham just couldn’t make it. This is all thanks to Marek Saganowski and also Basile Camerling. Superb form!

So, to my horror, I only got $25 million to spend. This is of course because of my holiday antics. Thats what you get if you’re not patient. -_- Anyway, I was off searching for a goalkeeper, a defender, a winger and a striker. I also brought in some great scouts since my former ones where only good at one thing per person. Peter Distin is a great scout! I needed a goalkeeper as my defence is super leaky. A defender to replace my old former captain and also to give way for Jack Cork in midfield. A winger as the only great winger I have currently is Georginio Wijnaldum. A striker as I wasn’t really sure of Serin Diop and Basile Camerling and also a replacement for Saganowski who is currently 30 yrs old.


I seriously need to strengthen my team. So players are bought and sold. More were on loan to allow my youngsters to get to feel first team football. Also I released some unwanted players except Jason Euell who is now with my by a month to month contract. -_-


A hot prospect for only 9k! Too bad I need to wait before he is fully matured.

Another hot prospect. The future DC for Southampton. Able to be one of the wonderkids. Still quite sadly, I gotta wait before he blooms.

An unexpected buy. He actually didn’t want to go to my club because I don’t have the resources, but he accepted my contract. Great buy.  Good defensive skills. A present and future for the club. He’s currently the best DC of Saints.

Wasn’t really my taste but I had to go for it because Kelvin Davis is getting older and Bialkowski is only Championship material. He was the 4th or 6th choice. My first was Felipe (Santos) but the club just don’t want to sell him. My next was Benalgio (Wolfsburg) which was great but the club just don’t want to sell him. Others were due to work permits. Sigh. Anyway, Claudio Bravo is decent but currently he seriously suck. No offence. It may be my worst buy just before Jonathan Grounds (loan).

Last minute buy. Found him in Fulhams reserve squad and felt that he was quite good. Anyway, I seriously need a person in that position or else I need to play others who aren’t so good in that position. He is great. Just that he’s kinda low on stamina. 11 ain’t enough.


So, after few days of playing, Southampton is currently 14th. Not bad but they have never won in the EPL since Reading. There were few which Southampton was nearly winning but too bad the opponent got a last minute goal, like Everton. Now, morale is quite ok but still some are just at okay or poor. Still there are good and very good and superb. Also, I checked out my stats record. Southampton can score, ours are like half of Chelsea’s and twice as Fulham (20th position). But, we have the worst defence record with the most conceded team. Seriously, I need to get a new Goalkeeper or maybe a back-up defender (Ngoyi?).

The recent success is seriously owed to one man and that man is GEORGINIO WIJNALDUM!!! 😀 *clap*

He was in almost every team of the week. He topped the ratings board. He nearly have 8 per match. He have 5 assists which really helps. He was the Young Player of the Month in September, snatching it away from Theo Walcott. He’s more of a man, he’s superMAN!

Anyway, luckily I bought him in on winter for $5 million. He was pressured but in the premiership, he’s playing he’s own game. Congratulations Wijnaldum! He’s the Saints player of the Month! (According to me :D)

Mid-season summary Sunday, Aug 24 2008 

Sorry to keep you guys waiting. Anyway, I rushed through December to ensure that I would be able to post this. So currently Saints are in fifth position, which I am seriously proud of. Hoping to get promotion, a year earlier of the two-year long term plan through play-offs.

So, as you can see, wins have come and go. Most amazing fixture was the upset caused by Saints against Spurs. 2-1. Sad to see, Reading beat us out of the League Cup in the Quarter Finals. Still, I was proud of the results. Then, the worse thing that happen was, Saints were drawn against Man City in the FA Cup. Worse of all, it’s just the 3rd round! So, getting to the 4th round, which the board expects us to do, would be hard.

The players have done tremendously well so far. My defence seems solid enough but a few leaks here and there. What I am totally proud off is the attacking force.

I use a 4-3-3 formation which I rotate my strikers. So total up their goals and that would equal to 50 goals after 30 matches. That is quite amazing. There is one player which I want to point out which is Fraizer Campbell, which I hope I could get to buy him. Look here, he loves Southampton and likes me!


He is one fast guy. Always runs with the ball and shoots with power. Once, when Saganowski was injured, he took the responsibility to score goals, besides Serin Diop.


Well, what I don’t really like about him is he usually shoot outside the penalty area, even though it is a one-on-one situation.

Still, he is my type of guy. Hoping to be one of the foundations for a well-balanced english team.

So, all and all, it has been quite amazing. Now, I’m hoping to get promotion this season!

New Season- New Formation, new players, new me! Saturday, Aug 9 2008 

I couldn’t ask for a better start. I got McDermott(Pardon my spelling of his name) from Tottenham as my new assistant manager. Then there were a number of great stuff happening to Saints!

My 08/09 season transfers !:D

I sold a few and bought a few, or a number of them and well, they turned out superb (except for the last 3 loans including Distel Zola, just got them.) Well, the media thinks that I would well be relegated at the end of the 08/09 season since Southampton was the underperforming team in the Season Summary. We’ll just see about that. Now I am at 15th position which is kinda good. 2-3-2

My fellow comrades who my fans think they are great.

Look at those results. :D!!!

Anyway, one which totally stands out is Jack Cork. He impressed me when I was managing Chelsea before. Since he felt that he wanted a permanent move when I loaned him, I give a shot on buying and it was totally easy and really a good buy for a promising DM/MC. I got him for 5.5 million and he has wowed many.

He even won the Young Player of the Month Award! Looks like the future is bright for him.

Anyway, I used VM’s 4-3-3 formation which is kinda useful. I tweaked something here and there and it turned out to be great.

Would be updating in the near future after my exams perhaps. Wish me good luck!

Season end. Monday, Aug 4 2008 

I must say I am not that surprised. It happen again like the last time I managed Southampton in 8.0.0.

To be honest, I was rather pissed and impatient at the very slow loading time as I was rather pissed at the team’s performance. A lot were totally low in the morale and also they were not believing in me. So, I decided to go on holiday and go and see what happen after the championship.

My 07/08 Championship Table

Well what do we have here. Southampton just a place above relegation area. I say we were truely lucky, Stoke lost to Bristol City while I lost to Ipswich, Championship winners. Still, it was enough for me to be able to stand ground in Championship. It seem that the problem was the defence. We could score but just that we kinda sucked at defending. The main problem was my left back, Jonathan Grounds. He was my only one and he quite lasted for the whole season. Still, he was one of the worst loan or loner I have ever loaned. Nevermind that, we’ll look towards the future! 😀

Date:15 July 2008

Transfer budget: 7mill


Morgan Schneiderlin (300k, RC Strasbourg), Jean-JoelPerrier-Doumbe (Free Transfer(CT), Celtic) , Franco Miranda (200k, C.A.I De Chubat, Loaned at St.Mirren), Serin Diop (300k, Arsenal Kiev) , Basile Camerling (Free Transfer, Nancy(Relegated) )


Jermaine Wright, Jeffrey Imudia, Safri, Rasiak

In the later post, I’ll post up the pics and also the transfers. Now trying to get hold of Leroy Benoit or Didier Digard.


Anyway, I wonder which one would be a better attacking formation, 4-5-1 or 4-4-2?

September Summary! Friday, Aug 1 2008 

My September Summary :D!!

Quite pleased really except for the recent 3-2 defeat over Plymouth. They were given 2 penalties and one is totally controversial. I was leading with 2 goals, one from STELVIO!!! and the other one from Jermaine Wright. Still, I was quite sure it was a fight till the end. Nevermind that, next time we will have our revenge.

The even frightening news is that the next League Cup fixture would be playing with Chelsea, the defending Champions! Luckily, it is at St. Mary’s Stadium. Aaaaaahhh *Holy angel sound* Hope to give an utter upset to them.

The very good news is that the fans love STELVIO!!! Great buy, thanks so much VM for the player. Great tip, great buy.

Transfer Updates

After a recent match which I can’t recall, Viafara was totally pissed at me and handed a transfer request. Firstly, he was pissed at the selling of Stern John. Then at a recent game which the Saints won, I kinda said that their performance were disappointing and few felt the pinch and got angered. Anyway, I sold him to Stoke for 1.5mill. Good money to spend when the January Transfer opens or search for better scouts.

Transfer Updates! Wednesday, Jul 30 2008 

Transfers at last! I’ll try to explain on each transfer bit by bit


In Vitality Mokosiy’s blog, it stated that Stelvio was only $14k which is seriously cheap for such a great player. Still $130k seems quite affordable and valuable. Great midfielder and still he’s really young.

Seth Johnson

Bought him due to his age and also he was a free agent. He brings experience and he got good stats for a midfielder. But for some reason, he start in Southampton injured!

Will Antwi

A defender which has average stats. Part of exchange with wycombe for Chris Makin who is very old and useless. He acts as a back up but will rotate him. He got average stats. Just an average joe from below the Championship.

Franco Di Santo

Needed a Chelsea player for me to have that Chelsea spirit. He has the best stats for a target man among Bradley WP and Marek Saganowski. Great potential. Hoping to buy him in the near future after expanding my transfer chest.

Jonathan Grounds

A left back. He acts as a cover before I get a permanent left back. Average stats even though from the premiership. Not a suitable buy but good cover.


Stern John

He was kicked out the last time and it did superb for me. He brings in much needed money (My transfer budget is only $500k!). Also he seems to old and slow for me.

David McGoldrick

He was sold because I needed the money to actually buy some left back but didn’t happen. Then I tried Vincent Enyeama since I need a good GK. But now used it for my permanent left back which will be coming at 1.1.2008 , after his loan at Falkirk finish. It was really hard to let him go since he was quite a promising scholar.


So overall, I have my team quite ready and prepared. Hope to get the promotion and also be better than Vitality Mokosiy, no offence. He brings me motivation. Anyway, Southampton got a draw with Cardiff, a win at League Cup and a 2-0 win against Stoke. AMAZING! They thought I was a rookie manager and sucked. Well whose laughing now!

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