FM 09 FREEZE! Sunday, Dec 7 2008 

Hey, guys I’m back!
Anyway, I’ve started a game on FM 09 with QPR. Things are going great but I need to stop my game first. I’ve like played for almost 2 days and only gone through the pre-season period because my RAM is too small. 256 XD. Anyway, I’m gonna search to buy a bigger ram before playing it because I CAN’T BARE THE PAIN!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHH. So yeah, freeze. Still, I’ll try to play as much, by as much I mean as little.
Oh yeah one more thing, I just signed up for FMStyle. Great forum!


Transfer tips Tuesday, Sep 23 2008 

Transfers play a big role in a team. It might be needed source to strengthen the team. But, transfers don’t mean paying for the player blindly, there are some tips to follow.


Well, for experienced players who have good stats, the chances of buying them would be low if you pay according to the cost of the player. So, try to enquire first or use a scout to get the players estimated cost. Please take note that the reputation of the club depends on the player’s choice of direction. So would play for a more reputable club like Chelsea or Ac Milan.

For young players (15-22), usually at a tender age of 15 they could be caught for free. After a while, after they sign their professional contract, the price comes. So, they are fairly easy to get. If the club would not want to sell them by the price only, put ‘Percentage of Next Sale’. This is rather useful on promising young stars. For sure, you would keep them as long as possible :D. Then promising youth who could be loan is also quite easy to get. This is if the player wants to come to your team. During the loan, he may be the one which is crucial to your team, so better to get him permanently.


Contracts also are important. Usually you would follow what the player wants. But, take in mind that you got a wage limit. You could try to pay 1-10 k lower than the desired wage. Other than that you could try to get in other means of the contract like appearance fees, goal fees or sign on fees if you don’t have the wage.


Work permit is quite a disturbance. To beat this, you could get a feeder club for work permit or you could just wait for years until you can get them. Usually the people who need work permit are the non-EU depending on where your team is. Also, there is a chance for you to get the work permit if you appeal but this is very rarely seen.There are glitches to work permit in the game. Odd number of caps and some others.

Hence, transfer are really important. Just pray hard you get the player you want. If you want to be a buying club, manage big teams.