Short success in the World Cup 2010 (Part 2 of 3) Saturday, Oct 25 2008 

Managing an international team alone may get quite boring. Lucky enough I got my Saints by my side. Anyway, managing an international team is totally different. In my case, Ivory Coast was a total different team from the Saints. They got brilliant players but very shallow national talent pool. Still, I was glad that there wasn’t a single injury with my team, only before the world cup.

Ivory Coast were drawn with teams of Netherlands (My favourite international team), Belgium and Colombia. First game was with Netherlands. They scored first through Van Persie. Drogba fought back and scored. Then after that, Dirk Kuyt got sent off for his elbow tackle. From there, we went to hyper mode. Drogba gotten his second and third and eventually Ivory Coast gotten four! Brilliant win by Ivory Coast. The other two games was only draws but good enough to finish tops of the group!

Then, we were drawn with England in the second round. I was hoping to win them after knowing what IC can do. Anyway, I was also hoping that England will be jinxed with the penalty curse. But I was totally wrong. Even though England dominated about 60% of the match, they couldn’t score. IC got some great chance but goes begging. Then it all falls to the penalties. All went in except one. Emerse Fae ballooned his shot and England won the game. CURSE THOSE LITTLE ******! Fans were amazed that IC have gotten to the second round but were disappointed that they lost to England. Lucky chaps.


Fast-forward to safety —> Sunday, Oct 19 2008 

I just finish the 09/10 season, finishing 13th in position. Middlesborough, Derby and Fulham got relegated. So, now I’ll be eyeing Stewart Downing :D! Anyway, we scored fairly well and conceded alot of goals, about 70 I think, just less than Fulham. So, we did what the media think we shouldn’t. They thought we were getting last place but man, thats too cold for Saints. So, I’m just waiting for my transfer chest to come in to get some better players, Martin Galvan and Stewart Downing to name a few.

While waiting for my treasure chest to arrive, I am managing Ivory Coast through the 2010 World Cup. I used VMs latest tactic. It’s been long since I used that since I tried experimenting my own with the Saints. So, the first match was against Holland which was favourites to win it. IC has brilliant players but the Goalkeeper is at a Ligue 2 standard but still quite useful since the defense is solid! Anyway, I fielded players like Kalou, Eboue, Toure and obviously, Didier Drogba a.k.a Deadly Drog. We were playing quite good in the first half. Persie scored first in the first quater. Then the turn-around happen, Kuyt got red-carded for elbowing Toure. From then, IV dominated the game. Drogba scored 3 including one very delicious shot from 25 yards out and there was another goal from another IV player. So, it ended 4-1 in favour IV! First win of my International campaign. Anyway I gonna just update on my international campaign and leave my transfers until the start of the EPL season.

Sorry about the no pics. Didn’t have time to do so X:

P.S For FM 2009, I’ve been thinking to go to France. Try something new. Metz is on my mind right now but lets just have a poll. The result will be a secret. Hehe.