Going into the Premiership! Saturday, Sep 27 2008 

I got through promotion! A solid comeback from 0-1 to 2-1. Birmingham just couldn’t make it. This is all thanks to Marek Saganowski and also Basile Camerling. Superb form!

So, to my horror, I only got $25 million to spend. This is of course because of my holiday antics. Thats what you get if you’re not patient. -_- Anyway, I was off searching for a goalkeeper, a defender, a winger and a striker. I also brought in some great scouts since my former ones where only good at one thing per person. Peter Distin is a great scout! I needed a goalkeeper as my defence is super leaky. A defender to replace my old former captain and also to give way for Jack Cork in midfield. A winger as the only great winger I have currently is Georginio Wijnaldum. A striker as I wasn’t really sure of Serin Diop and Basile Camerling and also a replacement for Saganowski who is currently 30 yrs old.


I seriously need to strengthen my team. So players are bought and sold. More were on loan to allow my youngsters to get to feel first team football. Also I released some unwanted players except Jason Euell who is now with my by a month to month contract. -_-


A hot prospect for only 9k! Too bad I need to wait before he is fully matured.

Another hot prospect. The future DC for Southampton. Able to be one of the wonderkids. Still quite sadly, I gotta wait before he blooms.

An unexpected buy. He actually didn’t want to go to my club because I don’t have the resources, but he accepted my contract. Great buy.  Good defensive skills. A present and future for the club. He’s currently the best DC of Saints.

Wasn’t really my taste but I had to go for it because Kelvin Davis is getting older and Bialkowski is only Championship material. He was the 4th or 6th choice. My first was Felipe (Santos) but the club just don’t want to sell him. My next was Benalgio (Wolfsburg) which was great but the club just don’t want to sell him. Others were due to work permits. Sigh. Anyway, Claudio Bravo is decent but currently he seriously suck. No offence. It may be my worst buy just before Jonathan Grounds (loan).

Last minute buy. Found him in Fulhams reserve squad and felt that he was quite good. Anyway, I seriously need a person in that position or else I need to play others who aren’t so good in that position. He is great. Just that he’s kinda low on stamina. 11 ain’t enough.


So, after few days of playing, Southampton is currently 14th. Not bad but they have never won in the EPL since Reading. There were few which Southampton was nearly winning but too bad the opponent got a last minute goal, like Everton. Now, morale is quite ok but still some are just at okay or poor. Still there are good and very good and superb. Also, I checked out my stats record. Southampton can score, ours are like half of Chelsea’s and twice as Fulham (20th position). But, we have the worst defence record with the most conceded team. Seriously, I need to get a new Goalkeeper or maybe a back-up defender (Ngoyi?).

The recent success is seriously owed to one man and that man is GEORGINIO WIJNALDUM!!! 😀 *clap*

He was in almost every team of the week. He topped the ratings board. He nearly have 8 per match. He have 5 assists which really helps. He was the Young Player of the Month in September, snatching it away from Theo Walcott. He’s more of a man, he’s superMAN!

Anyway, luckily I bought him in on winter for $5 million. He was pressured but in the premiership, he’s playing he’s own game. Congratulations Wijnaldum! He’s the Saints player of the Month! (According to me :D)


Mid-season summary Sunday, Aug 24 2008 

Sorry to keep you guys waiting. Anyway, I rushed through December to ensure that I would be able to post this. So currently Saints are in fifth position, which I am seriously proud of. Hoping to get promotion, a year earlier of the two-year long term plan through play-offs.

So, as you can see, wins have come and go. Most amazing fixture was the upset caused by Saints against Spurs. 2-1. Sad to see, Reading beat us out of the League Cup in the Quarter Finals. Still, I was proud of the results. Then, the worse thing that happen was, Saints were drawn against Man City in the FA Cup. Worse of all, it’s just the 3rd round! So, getting to the 4th round, which the board expects us to do, would be hard.

The players have done tremendously well so far. My defence seems solid enough but a few leaks here and there. What I am totally proud off is the attacking force.

I use a 4-3-3 formation which I rotate my strikers. So total up their goals and that would equal to 50 goals after 30 matches. That is quite amazing. There is one player which I want to point out which is Fraizer Campbell, which I hope I could get to buy him. Look here, he loves Southampton and likes me!


He is one fast guy. Always runs with the ball and shoots with power. Once, when Saganowski was injured, he took the responsibility to score goals, besides Serin Diop.


Well, what I don’t really like about him is he usually shoot outside the penalty area, even though it is a one-on-one situation.

Still, he is my type of guy. Hoping to be one of the foundations for a well-balanced english team.

So, all and all, it has been quite amazing. Now, I’m hoping to get promotion this season!