Mid-season summary Sunday, Aug 24 2008 

Sorry to keep you guys waiting. Anyway, I rushed through December to ensure that I would be able to post this. So currently Saints are in fifth position, which I am seriously proud of. Hoping to get promotion, a year earlier of the two-year long term plan through play-offs.

So, as you can see, wins have come and go. Most amazing fixture was the upset caused by Saints against Spurs. 2-1. Sad to see, Reading beat us out of the League Cup in the Quarter Finals. Still, I was proud of the results. Then, the worse thing that happen was, Saints were drawn against Man City in the FA Cup. Worse of all, it’s just the 3rd round! So, getting to the 4th round, which the board expects us to do, would be hard.

The players have done tremendously well so far. My defence seems solid enough but a few leaks here and there. What I am totally proud off is the attacking force.

I use a 4-3-3 formation which I rotate my strikers. So total up their goals and that would equal to 50 goals after 30 matches. That is quite amazing. There is one player which I want to point out which is Fraizer Campbell, which I hope I could get to buy him. Look here, he loves Southampton and likes me!


He is one fast guy. Always runs with the ball and shoots with power. Once, when Saganowski was injured, he took the responsibility to score goals, besides Serin Diop.


Well, what I don’t really like about him is he usually shoot outside the penalty area, even though it is a one-on-one situation.

Still, he is my type of guy. Hoping to be one of the foundations for a well-balanced english team.

So, all and all, it has been quite amazing. Now, I’m hoping to get promotion this season!


Season end. Monday, Aug 4 2008 

I must say I am not that surprised. It happen again like the last time I managed Southampton in 8.0.0.

To be honest, I was rather pissed and impatient at the very slow loading time as I was rather pissed at the team’s performance. A lot were totally low in the morale and also they were not believing in me. So, I decided to go on holiday and go and see what happen after the championship.

My 07/08 Championship Table

Well what do we have here. Southampton just a place above relegation area. I say we were truely lucky, Stoke lost to Bristol City while I lost to Ipswich, Championship winners. Still, it was enough for me to be able to stand ground in Championship. It seem that the problem was the defence. We could score but just that we kinda sucked at defending. The main problem was my left back, Jonathan Grounds. He was my only one and he quite lasted for the whole season. Still, he was one of the worst loan or loner I have ever loaned. Nevermind that, we’ll look towards the future! 😀

Date:15 July 2008

Transfer budget: 7mill


Morgan Schneiderlin (300k, RC Strasbourg), Jean-JoelPerrier-Doumbe (Free Transfer(CT), Celtic) , Franco Miranda (200k, C.A.I De Chubat, Loaned at St.Mirren), Serin Diop (300k, Arsenal Kiev) , Basile Camerling (Free Transfer, Nancy(Relegated) )


Jermaine Wright, Jeffrey Imudia, Safri, Rasiak

In the later post, I’ll post up the pics and also the transfers. Now trying to get hold of Leroy Benoit or Didier Digard.


Anyway, I wonder which one would be a better attacking formation, 4-5-1 or 4-4-2?

September Summary! Friday, Aug 1 2008 

My September Summary :D!!

Quite pleased really except for the recent 3-2 defeat over Plymouth. They were given 2 penalties and one is totally controversial. I was leading with 2 goals, one from STELVIO!!! and the other one from Jermaine Wright. Still, I was quite sure it was a fight till the end. Nevermind that, next time we will have our revenge.

The even frightening news is that the next League Cup fixture would be playing with Chelsea, the defending Champions! Luckily, it is at St. Mary’s Stadium. Aaaaaahhh *Holy angel sound* Hope to give an utter upset to them.

The very good news is that the fans love STELVIO!!! Great buy, thanks so much VM for the player. Great tip, great buy.

Transfer Updates

After a recent match which I can’t recall, Viafara was totally pissed at me and handed a transfer request. Firstly, he was pissed at the selling of Stern John. Then at a recent game which the Saints won, I kinda said that their performance were disappointing and few felt the pinch and got angered. Anyway, I sold him to Stoke for 1.5mill. Good money to spend when the January Transfer opens or search for better scouts.